Transformer Associates was established in 2004.  Our staff has over 40 years combined experience. Transformer Associates specialize in providing excellent service to the high voltage electrical industry. We take great pride in our commitment to clients regardless of size or location. This pride is reflected in our ability to provide exceptional service to clients across the United States and throughout Canada.

To assist you in the investment of your maintenance dollars, Transformer Associates will help you manage your high voltage electrical equipment with our comprehensive interpretation of your insulating fluid sample data. Recommendations are provided only for necessary services.

Transformer Associates offers insulating fluid treatment for high voltage electrical equipment filled with mineral oil, R-temp, natural ester oils, silicone and perchloroethylene. All field services are performed by qualified technicians, while fluid analyses are completed by our in-house laboratory technicians or analytical laboratory affiliates. Sample data reports include fluid interpretations, as well as the necessary recommendations as indicated by a skilled laboratory technician or project engineer.

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